Lemcy Tree Service and Landscape


Hazardous tree removal is a very dangerous job that should only be handled by professionals such as Lemcy Tree Service that offer their experienced tree removal services. Furthermore, hazardous tree removal is especially risky as the tree in question may have damage or other characteristics that require expert handling. The first step in effectively protecting your family, customers, or property is through a professional. Elements Tree Service’s hazardous tree assessment can identify any problematic trees before they can cause damage.

Almost any tree has the potential to cause problems, which makes it extremely important to hire experts who can consider the benefits and any potential risks of tree removal. Lemcy Tree Service has the years of experience to analyze the setting of any questionable trees to correct and prevent hazards. Trees with structural defects that can lead to part or all of it falling on a person or valuable property is considered a danger in need of hazardous tree removal.

Any large dead limbs or branches in a tree require immediate inspection.  Limbs that may not look large can still be heavy and with distance to fall may severely injure a person or damage property below in a strong breeze, snow accumulating on a branch or just from it’s own weight. Dead limbs also indicate a possible health issue with the tree that necessities its removal. If you believe a tree on your property is a potential hazard, be sure to contact us immediately

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